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Are you ready to go global? 

Are you thinking about exporting and importing?

Have you thought over every possible aspect to make your international business plan a reality?

Going global can be an ambitious project. It requires great planning skills. Check out how this tool can make your life easier and bring you success. Get advice to improve your skills and consult tip sheets and external websites for great ideas that will give your international business project a boost.

Evaluate your project

A world of opportunity at your fingertips

Buckle up before takeoff!

No such thing as being too careful! When it comes down to international business, you will find this tool of great help to structure your plans and set up important pillars for your success. 

It’s better to be two

Desjardins gives you exclusive access to international business experts. These experts will help you define your action plan and provide personalized advice for your exporting or importing ambitions.

A project tailored to your needs

Once your evaluation is completed, you will receive precise recommendations for your business plan. You also have access to tip sheets, articles, external websites, etc.