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Interactive marketing plan

Are you thinking about how to make your business grow? How about selling new products and services?
Discover all the benefits of the Desjardins interactive marketing plan. It will help you determine the scope of the challenges your business will face. It features a thorough methodology to help you build your market research, target your audience and analyze your competitors. It’s a simple tool created to make it easy for you to establish your mixed marketing strategies. In other words, it will help you get your 4 Ps up and running: price, product, promotion and place.
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Benefits of the Desjardins interactive marketing plan

Market research made easy

In order to clearly identify your clientele and competitors, you need structured research. The marketing tool has simple steps to make your plan a reality. You will also get to analyze and foresee the strengths and weaknesses of your business as well as opportunities and threats it may face.

4Ps, as in 4 easy strategic points

Define and create a structured document at your own pace by playing your cards right! The tool makes it easy to figure out your price, product, promotion and place.

Essential resources

Waiting for a muse to invigorate your ideas or a partner to provide the right advice for all the tricky decisions? Get all that here! You have access to information capsules and tip sheets to guide you through different concepts and help you progress with your strategies.