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Got good ideas? Dreaming of running your own business?

Discover the benefits of the Desjardins interactive business plan. Get the step by step tool you need to organize and stimulate your thought process. You’ll get an A to Z guide to help you better understand business notions, tips and tricks to think over every aspect of planning and receive exclusive access to tip sheets and additional resources. 
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Benefits of the Desjardins interactive business plan

Get the right questions down!

Information capsules, practical tricks, tip sheets and useful links will help you define every aspect of your project. They will also guide you through the decision making process of building your business plan.

Yes, you are unique!

Get a comprehensive and official business plan that reflects your true colours thanks to the personalization features.

Because money doesn’t grow on trees!

Have you really gone through all aspects regarding the overall viability of your business idea? The financial section of the interactive business plan will help you get a clear picture every step of the way.