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Billing and Expense Tracker tool

Learn about our Billing and Expense Tracker Tool

Entirely free, Desjardins’s Billing and Expense Tracker tool is specifically designed for small business and self-employed workers. It makes managing invoices, expense accounts, accounts receivables and supplier accounts easier.

  • Create, manage and archive bids and invoices easily.
  • Manage expense accounts to facilitate production of tax returns.
  • Use client and supplier management modules to develop your business.
  • Access information—stored in a cloud environment—at any time and from anywhere on your mobile device, tablet or computer.

Use the Billing and Expense Tracker tool

Download Desjardin’s free Billing and Expense Tracker app.

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Benefits of the Desjardins Billing and Expense Tracker tool

Your invoices and bids securely stored in a cloud-based system

  • Customize and manage your products and services catalogue.
  • Create customized and complete bids and invoices.
  • Send them to clients by email in PDF format or print them out.
  • Collect funds due to you by tracking and managing invoices.

Expense accounts in the blink of an eye

  • Take pictures of receipts to enter as business expenses.
  • Enter expense information and file receipt by category: transportation, meals and entertainment, supplies, etc.
  • Create expense reports by downloading data into Excel files to facilitate bank reconciliations and interactions with your accountant.

Dashboards and reports to get a clear picture of your finances

  • Find out how much you earn and spend immediately, at a single glance.
  • A search engine lets you find expenses, bids and invoices fast.
  • Produce reports whenever you want.
Download Desjardin’s free Billing and Expense Tracker app.