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Decision-making tools

Desjardins’s online tools are available to you to help you manage your business projects.

Desjardins’s online tools are available to you to help you manage your business projects.

Decision-making tools

Billing and
Expense Tracker

Simplify daily management of your company

Create, manage and archive bids, invoices and bills easily and for free. The tool helps you manage your expense reports for easy bank reconciliation and interactions with your accountant. Access information—stored in a cloud environment—at any time and from anywhere on your mobile device, tablet or computer.

Use the Billing and Expense Tracker tool
Create your
business plan

Start your business

It’s now that much easier and more effective to start your business, thanks to Desjardins! Our tool will guide you step by step to get your project done.
Information capsules, practical tricks, tip sheets and useful links will help you define every aspect of your project. They will also guide you through the decision-making process of building your business plan.

Create your business plan
Create your
marketing plan

Grow your business

Evaluate how successful your new business opportunity can be with the Desjardins interactive marketing plan. Just the boost you need to make your ideas evolve. It will help you determine the scope of the challenges your business will face. It features a thorough methodology to help you build your market research, target your audience and analyze your competitors.

Create your marketing plan
Are you ready
to go global? 

Trading internationally

Exporting and importing can be quite challenging at first. With our “Are you ready to go global?” tool, you can evaluate the scale of your project. You’ll even be able to check if you have everything you need to get your international plans started. Get advice to improve your skills and consult tip sheets and external websites for great ideas that will give your international business project a boost.

Evaluate your project